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WP1 - Project Management

Project management of RASimAs is designed as effective and efficient framework for all partners from multidisciplinary institutions to ensure a proper accomplishment of all scientific tasks and objectives. The WP "Project Management" encompasses the financial, administrative, contractual, and ethical components during the entire project period. Clearly structured management procedures are defined for the implementation of RASimAs:

  • Establish an appropriate liaison with the EC for financial administration and reporting;
  • Establish and maintain a common understanding within the interdisciplinary team by fostering the exchange of project related information;
  • Supervise and monitor the implementation and project progress according to the scheduled work plan with its tasks, deliverables and milestones;
  • Assure high-quality documentation of projects' results in accordance with the reporting periods;
  • Organize meetings of the consortium at all stages and provide minutes and documentation;
  • Oversee ethical issues and gender equity during the entire project duration.

The WP 1 is to ensure the realisation of all tasks and objectives on time and within the budget with transparency at all stages of the project and a high-quality outcome.